Ideas, Feasibility + Pilot Testing

To start, we dream up ideas with our clients and then put them to the test immediately with rapid (and often ‘lo-fi’) pilots that are designed to let visitors tell us what they want to see and do, and tell us whether the concept is feasible.

Kids testing an analog pilot


Design, Prototyping + Costing

Next, concepts are developed into wireframes and successful pilots become working prototypes. The user experience is really beginning to take shape, and at this stage we have a good idea of the development cost and can value engineer if needed.

User Stories


Building + Testing

This is where it all comes together. All the research and development from earlier phases become functioning applications, and we replicate actual environments in an on-location test bed. Client and focus groups are invited to play, evaluate and stress test.




Sit back and relax. Because of our iterative and collaborative approach to development, opening should not be a time for surprises. Even still, we are always there when the gate opens to ensure a good first impression is made.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.57.03 AM


Support + Maintenance

Everything is built upon EDM’s “Smart Exhibit Environment,” a digital infrastructure that facilitates comprehensive monitoring, diagnostic, and recovery tools that your technical staff can use to identify and troubleshoot issues. And our remote support team is always on-hand to provide same-day assistance.



Please contact us if you’d like to know more.