Darran Edmundson

EDM Director Darran Edmundson has two decades of experience in technology-based exhibit design. Darran’s technical abilities are complemented by a demonstrated ability to organize and manage eclectic teams of disparately-skilled creative professionals. Outside of work, his passions are playing and refereeing ice hockey.


Chad McCallum

Chad McCallum specializes in the design and development of both environmental graphics and computer interactive exhibits for world expos, museums, and science centres. Chad has been Lead Designer, Art Director and Interactives Supervisor for several multi-million dollar projects, directing as many as 16 artists and programmers.


Petr Mifek

Petr Mifek is a Software Engineer with a diverse background in desktop and interactive applications, systems management and deployment, and hardware integration. Petr’s deep understanding of core technologies is a major factor in EDM’s ability to deliver outstanding software solutions.