With its intuitive ‘jukebox’ style interface, Carousel is a flexible, off-the-shelf application that provides an in-depth catalogue of just about any exhibition content.

Providing support for unlimited photos, videos and text, Carousel provides an in-depth catalogue of just about any exhibition content. Where it really shines, however, is alongside artifacts and display cases; allowing visitors to glimpse behind the glass at otherwise inaccessible objects. It’s a perfect 21st century museum label.



Using a sliding carousel menu, visitors can swipe to browse through any number of objects to make a selection. Alternatively, for those who know exactly what they’re looking for, the ‘Quickjump’ dropdown menu lists all objects on display for immediate access.



Carousel In Detail

Once an object is selected from the carousel or Quickjump menu, visitors can explore in-depth content in a variety of ways. For three dimensional objects in a display case an interactive ‘360’ viewer reveals the backside not visible to the naked eye. An Olympic medal might include video footage of the big win. Or visitors can examine the brush strokes of an oil painting in great detail with the virtual ‘loupe’ tool. Finally, written text can be scrolled endlessly.





Carousel comes with three unique ‘out of the box’ themes, each with distinct fonts, colours and background textures. For a small additional charge, we can work with you to customize the graphic interface to match the style of your exhibition.


Content management

All on-screen content is completely under your control. When updates are needed, EDM’s intuitive content management system allows the author to quickly and easily make updates to suit different age groups, abilities, and interests.


If you’re interested in purchasing this product, or would like to try a demo version, please contact us for more information.