EDM was the prime contractor for the design/build of 3 permanent exhibitions at the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) at Old Parliament House—a major new Australian national institution that brings the journey of Australian democracy to life.

Working within the redevelopment constraints of a national heritage building, EDM developed a suite of 50 innovative digital interactives as well as coordinated a project team including curators, exhibition designers, technologists, digital media producers, graphic designers, computer programmers, fabricators and technicians.



Interactive Timeline

The interactive timeline has been coined the ‘spine’ of the Australian Democracy Gallery. Situated at the centre of the old Parliamentary Library, it is a major attraction of the exhibit. The table is comprised of 14 touchscreens that collectively form a single digital canvas with over 400 expandable milestones spanning 200+ years of Australian democratic history.



The Living Democracy gallery focuses on non-formal democracy: protest, lobbying petitioning, community groups. A centre-piece of this exhibition was Mosaic, a 270-degree cylindrical video wall. EDM worked with Old Parliament House to commission 5 Australian filmmakers to interview 100 people on the subject of democracy. The resulting 50 hours of footage was curated into a number of thematic shows using a custom video tagging application written by EDM specifically for the project.



Bridging all 3 permanent exhibitions is TRAIL, a smart-card based, touchscreen alternative to the traditional worksheet approach to museum learning. It is specially designed to get students looking, thinking, and talking about a museum’s stories, images, paintings and artifacts. With minimal instruction, students—working either individually or in small groups—embark on unique learning trails designed to engage them with a museum’s material culture.


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